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Vizionarsko Drustvo - Visionary Society

Vizionarsko Drustvo is a nonprofit NGO which aim is to provide an alternative that articulates cultural needs of young people and help them in active participation in its programs, encouraging their creativity and independency. 

This project is based on an idea that art is the most sensitive and most complete expression of thought, and that the time has come for an artist to take on the responsibility of connecting all human fields of work, from economy to politics, from science to religion, from education to behavior, all in one, to relate everything that builds the social tissue.

The concept of functioning of this organization is a laboratory which purpose is to form an embryonic nucleus of energy that can communicate out of the limited area, meaning to gather the creative pulsations that search for contact between innumerous existing, though unexpressed, potentials: in order to create connecting channels which have to establish the sphere structure of the society in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Earth in general. 

The mission of Vizionarsko Drustvo is to establish new professional standards which animate sociopolitical mechanism and aim to harmonize those, and to popularize contemporary art in BiH. Having in mind that the art is the primary expression of human creativity, and therefore an indicator of every culture, economical and social activity, its responsibility is establishing the spiritual basis which form is being transmitted in ordinary life by global perception of space.

Art has to introduce the perceptional sensibility, which is a characteristic in every system – producing, organizing or politics – in order to establish “the composition” of different parts meant to be harmonic elements of civil agreement. 

Demis Sinančević
August 2005, Sarajevo

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